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Mission Statement

The Sticks Outfitter strives to bring inspiration and innovation to every hunter, fisherman, and outdoor enthusiast in America.

Who’s in The Sticks

Craig Mooney
Craig MooneyChief Executive YouTuber
Where his bow goes, Craig goes. Odds are, you’ll find Craig in The Sticks somewhere, honing in his shot, getting ready for archery season. Craig loves shooting his Bowtech bow, but there’s also a good chance you’ll catch him filming the latest YouTube video somewhere in Central Oregon for The Sticks’ YouTube channel.
Bryce Mooney
Bryce MooneyChief Executive Duck Hunter
You won’t see Bryce very often without his bird dog, Paige, right by his side. Bryce has had a passion for bird dogs and training labs to be a great partner in the field or duck blind, as well as a great family pet, since he was a kid growing up. During the Fall and Winter, Bryce won’t let many days pass by without heading to the duck blind with Paige. Even the slow days in the blind are better than spending the time just about anywhere else.
Joey Viviano
Joey VivianoField Expert
Joey is a native Texan who currently attends the Univ. of Arkansas. He is an avid outdoorsman who loves to hunt and fish throughout the South and film some of his adventures with his GoPro. From rifle hunts to bow hunts and rod and reel to throwing a fly, he’ll catch or kill just about anything with just about anything. During hunting seasons, you can find Joey in a deer stand, duck blind or walking around the woods in the Spring calling turkeys. Otherwise, look for him in the river throwing a fly at trout, catching catfish, bass, and crappie on the lake, or down in the gulf chasing tailing reds.
Jake Middleton
Jake MiddletonField Expert
Jake grew up playing in the sticks of Upstate NY. From fishing the creeks and streams in the summer time, to hiking and camping year round he has experience fishing, hiking, camping and adventuring. As an outdoor enthusiast with two young boys, his focus is on raising them right, exploring the great outdoors and expanding his knowledge and pursuing his next big fish